Major Components
Backrupr has four major components:  information repository, tools, application and rating system.  
The information repository will provide instructions on how to backup data from services, and how to move that data between applicable services.  The content will be community driven, so this will probably be in the form of a wiki.
The tools will be scripts and programs that automate specific tasks outlined in the information repository.  
The application will be a coherent release of select tools into a common framework for customized backup.  
Finally, the rating system will provide a simple, aggregated view of the backup and restore capabilities of each service.
For more details on these components see the design page.
The first phase will be to get the information repository under way.  The information repository should continue to grow throughout the later phases.
The second phase will be to use the data from the information repository to create an initial rating system and to create the first tools.
Finally, a collection of the tools will be integrated into a common framework and released as the first version of the application.
The hope is to get a first version of the information repository up and running in Jan. 2007.  The schedule for further work depends on how fast information is collected and who helps out.